Here are some surprising solutions to our dirty little problems.

  • Dirty Keyboard and Remote Control
    Use a bristled paintbrush to dust keyboards and the crevices of remote controls.
  • Musty Closet Smell
    Put some charcoal briquettes (the kind that don’t contain lighter fluid) into large tea strainer balls, and hang them in the closet. The charcoal will absorb the musty closet smell. It’s a natural deodorizer.
  • Closed-up All Winter Odor
    If you fancy having a nice smell around the house, make you own air freshener. If you have a favorite perfume or cologne, spray a bit of it on a cool ‘off’ light bulb. Then when you turn the light on, you’ll get that lovely fragrance.
  • Yellow Clothes
    Storing clothes in the dry-cleaning bags can turn them yellow. Instead, let the air circulate by covering hanging clothes with an old bed sheet. Or slip a king-sized pillowcase (with a small hole cut into the top) over the hanger.
  • Creases in Clothes
    Keep folded out-of-season clothes from developing pesky creases, by simply wrapping each item separately in acid-free tissue paper.

Please let us know how we can further assist you as Neat Street is committed
to upholding the highest standards for your building.

“If you look good, we look good.”

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