Organizing Services

Home Organization & Maintaining Beautiful Rooms

Sometimes it takes many helping hands to stay afloat in life. Organizing doesn’t always come  natural to everyone, that’s where our professional organizers can assist.

An organized home always looks cleaner than a disorganized home. We can present principles and methods of organizing kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, hobby rooms and other areas of the house. We also present secrets on keeping the home beautiful.

We work with your needs to accomplish a clutter free home. Just think of what it would be like to have the peace and tranquility of knowing where everything is to accomplish your everyday tasks more efficiently.

Let us assist in designing a functional plan and come up with solutions that will work for your daily activities. Provide affordable solutions and tips for everyday functionality; purge unwanted items while helping out non-profit organizations with your donations.

Our lives are ever changing and very stressful; let us take the worry away to allow you to enjoy what you like to do best.

Moving Services

Time to move, for many, moving is an exciting event, a new home, new job, new environment—the new memories are just around the corner. But, for others, moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. Besides feeling excited, you may also be feeling sad, anxious, and overwhelmed. For various reasons, moving can be an unpleasant experience.

In this sluggish economy many people are downsizing into smaller quarters. This requires purging and organizing what you have.
Being organized can alleviate some of the anguish and stress associated with moving. Professional Organizers can help eliminate what isn’t needed, there is no sense paying to move junk. In the long run it will eliminate the stress and keep you on schedule.
Here are some helpful organizing hints to use while getting ready for ‘Moving Day.’

1. What’s your Plan?
Moving requires a great deal of organization details and logistical coordination to happen smoothly. Establish a move binder to hold all checklists, a journal to record details of phone calls, deadlines, measurements, decisions to make, and much much more.

2. Budget your packing time: How long will it take for you to pack up your entire apartment or house? On average, it takes approximately 2-3 months to carefully pack the contents of a home. Start by packing things you don’t use very often or that are decorative such as knick-knacks or holiday dishes. Set a goal to pack 5-10 boxes a week. This will give you the time to pack leisurely as opposed to feverishly…

3. Evaluate the new space with a floor plan: Put it on paper it doesn’t have to look pretty just practical. Once the layout is done copy it.

Use one copy to; Visualize the furniture and where it will fit or if it will fit. No sense paying to move items that can’t be used. Is the current closet and storage space adequately laid out? If not you may want to get organizers installed before you move.
Use copy #2; To mark each room on the plan with a specific letter or number. You will then write the corresponding letter/number on the boxes that go into that particular room. What looks like a den to you may not be to the movers. It is recommended to mark the general contents of the box.

4. How do you pack? Randomly throwing items it into boxes is usually not recommended? Developing a packing system is the key to quickly locating and placing your belongings in their new home.

5. Notify everyone: I recommend Send Out Cards it is simple and easy. Making one post card and uploading all your contacts takes minutes.

6. Can’t do it all: Ask for help that is what we are here for. As a professional organizer we have done this for several clients. We can assist with laying out the plan, purge items, pack and unpack and organize, services. We make sure you maximize your donations of the purged items.

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