How long have you been in business?
Neat Street Services has been in business since 1989.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Do you provide Workman’s Compensation for all your employees?

Can I call your company for other cleaning jobs I may need done, that are not included in the contract and how long will I have to wait to get the special job done?
Neat Street Services is a full service cleaning company. We strip and refinish floors and can provide regular maintenance of such. We use state-of-the-art steam cleaning machines for carpet and upholstery and can set up a regularly scheduled program for this. We also provide a dry cleaning service for carpets. We also provide outside and inside window cleaning, and normally we can accommodate any request you may have. We have a full-time crew to handle floors, carpets, and any special jobs which may arise, thus, allowing us to complete any job quickly.

Do you interview and screen your employees?
Each applicant is individually interviewed by our Human Resources Department. After careful consideration, only those applicants that appear responsible and competent are hired. At this time a criminal background check is completed.

Do you have a training program for your employees?
When a new employee is hired, they are required to view specific training videos, detailing bathroom and office cleaning as well as safety procedures. They are also required to view a safety tape on hazardous chemicals, equipment care and maintenance. Our training manager works with the new employee to make sure their work performance is acceptable and that he or she knows what is expected of them in a particular job.

What qualifications do you have to clean carpets?
Our carpet technicians are IICRC Certified Carpet Technicians. Neat Street carpet technicians are internationally certified through intense off-site training centers and given the international certification exam.

Do you check on your employees after they are trained?
Yes, the supervisor makes routine periodic visits to each employee at each account to make sure they are still cleaning the job in the manner in which they have been trained. Inspection forms are completed and reviewed with the employee to fine-tune the areas. This information is reviewed in a quarterly report, which is sent to each client.

How do you know the job site has been accessed at the proper hour of the day?
Neat Street Services, Inc. has a computerized time keeping system, which is programmed with the access time for each job. Our employees use a toll-free number to call the system when they clock-in and out of each building. If the computer is not called by a specified time, an alert is sent to the supervisor and back-up personnel are called to cover the building.

What is your policy on theft by one of your employees?
In all of the years we have been in business, this has not been a problem. However, should a theft occur, Neat Street Services will fully cooperate with the customer and the police. Theft, by any of our employees is grounds for immediate dismissal.

If I have a complaint, how is it handled and how soon can I expect a solution?
We maintain a quality control department. A representative is assigned to your account and will make regularly scheduled visits to your facility to make sure the proper job is being done. Each complaint is handled the day it is received. When you call the office or relay your complaint to your quality control representative, it will be immediately turned over to our supervisor. They will visit your job and instruct the cleaning personnel to make the necessary changes. The supervisor will then report back to your quality control representative, who will call you to make sure everything has been taken care of or advise you of any reasons why this could not be handled immediately.

How do I know that I am getting the service that I am paying for?
When Neat Street Services provides a bid for your job, it is based on the number of hours deemed necessary to clean your job site according to our standards. In order to verify that an employee is working the required number of hours, all employees are required to clock-in and out on a computerized time keeping system. The reports and records of each employee are checked carefully each day to make sure that the employee is working the proper amount of hours to clean your job satisfactorily.

Do you follow MIOSHA regulations and have MSDS at our location?
We place a book at any new account, within the first week, which contains safety data for any chemical we may use. This book also contains a checklist for our employees, so they know exactly what to clean and when to clean it. It further contains Neat Street information regarding the clinic we use and other pertinent information.

Why should I hire Neat Street Services instead of another cleaning company?
Neat Street Services takes the time and effort to hire the best possible employees. We thoroughly train them and provide merit incentives. Neat Street firmly believes that a company is only as good as its employees and strives to take care of their employees as much as possible. We are proud of the quality service we can provide for you.

We are proud members of, BSCAI (Building Services Contractors Association International) and WFBSC (World Federation of Building Service Contractors). We are also members of the Rochester Chamber and Michigan Chambers of Commerce actively working as an Ambassador. Karen was a past board member of ABSCM (Affiliated Building Services Contractors of Michigan).

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